Our Reliable  Services

We provides support services while remaining true to our core values: reliability, fairness, and commitment. Our customers have the confidence of knowing they have a trusted source for support, and are backed by our experienced staff and our extensive knowledge in all areas of technology.
Managed IT

A good IT service is running on the background unobtrusive, keeping your business running smoothly and your team at maximum productivity. By utilizing YBY’s Managed IT Services, you can concentrate on running your business while we maintain your technology to work for you at its best.


Around-the-clock monitoring is only as good as the people and systems that support it. YBY’s support professionals combine their experience and knowledge with our 24/7 monitoring service of your critical systems and devices to keep your systems at optimum performance. Our proactive support can address many issues before they escalate. We often solve problems before our clients are even aware an issue has occurred. Utilize our team of experts to enjoy the stability and peace of mind that come from knowing your systems are in good hands.


Whether you start a new business or relocating and need a ground-up infrastructure, including the use of wireless networking, setting up local servers, adding a voip telephone services or starting a cloud solution, it is all about networking. Networking is at the core of any technology solution that any business, small or large, must have and build. This is also where we feel it all comes down to when making things work in unison. We are expert at integrating IT starting from the cable runs through the local server to the web application and voip. We take charge of the process and handle all aspects of the project from planning, to implementation and continue after all is done with our ongoing support.


If you are a NYC business owner looking for a trusted source for IT services and support and put your business IT network into a consultant’s hands, you have come to the right place. Finding a trusted IT adviser to rely on is the best way to get real results. We can help maximize the ROI on your technology investment. At YBY Computers we believe the best way to help our customers achieve their goals is through a careful site survey of their business. We are working with a wide range of growing businesses in the NYC market.


YBY Computers has been installing andsupporting wireless networking for businesses and homes in buildings in NYC and especially in Manhattan since early 2001. Since then wireless technology has come a long way and today there are endless implementations to wireless technology. We offer solutions to design your local network with secure and reliable wireless solutions to maximize your use of the technology and the so many wifi enabled devices when you need it most. We do everything from designing the network, provide the equipment, training the customers at their office or home and continue with on-going support.

Server & Desktop

We provide support for servers, desktops, network devices and printers. We also maintain these systems as part of a plan and include our 24/7 monitoring service to ensure that critical systems and devices continue to run optimally.

Remote & On Site

Every minute of downtime represents money and productivity lost, and YBY is dedicated to keeping you productive and your systems available at all time. Our remote services deliver quick response and our support team can address many of your issues remotely or walk your team, through to a solution. When needed, a YBY support tech will come to your site to perform the required onsite support and service.

Flat Fee Support

In the 21st century, businesses rely more and more on technology and we believe they must have a trusted partner or provider when it comes to IT support. While each business may have different needs and support plan requirements, at the core of every business small or big, there is a must have minimum plan to monitor your critical systems and devices. And we have just the right flat fee plan for this.


One of the add on services we provide our customers is the resources and know how to both new hardware as well as software licensing. We take the worry and confusion from the procurement process by leveraging both our expertise and affiliation with major technology vendors and distributors so you don’t order the wrong item or software or license.


Whether you need a new website or a web based application to help you manage and run your business more effectively, we can help you with the entire development process. As we learn more about your business needs and your current technology use, we can either locate a possible existing software solution to your industry or suggest a new development. We mange the project from start to finish. In the end we integrate the solution with local implementation at your business.

New Setup & Office

Moving is never a simple “pack everything in boxes and call the movers” process, especially if you have computers and technology equipment which need to work just as before at the new office. This has to be done properly by a professional IT support provider who knows how to dis-assemble and re-assemble everything back again at new office location to make it work just as before without a glitch. We can also help ensure that the new office is actually ready for the move in terms of network connectivity and infrastructure, as well as having the new services and move your such as Internet and phone services. We help you avoid unwanted bad experiences and surprises that often include “I didn’t know I needed to…”. So leave it to the pros, Be smart and hire an IT pro to pack and move your network.

Cabling &

Looking for network cabling for your NYC office or business? Our full range of cabling and wiring services include: Communications Cabling, Data Cabling, Structured Cabling, Server Rack Cabling and more. Our cable and wiring solutions will not only help keep your computing network infrastructure much more organized and efficient than before, but will also keep your costs low.